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Accessibility Consultants Plan Review And inspections For Ada Title Iii & Title Ii Transition Plans

Welcome to Accessibility Consultants,   We are a full service consulting group specializing in the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS), Americans with Disabilities Act,  Standards for Accessible Design (ADA 2010), Fair Housing Act Design Standards, ANSI A117.1, and Playground Safety Assessment and accessibility.  We have been in business for 10 years and have provided consulting services for a wide range of public and private businesses to include schools, counties, cities,  architectural groups and private property owners


Our goal is to aide designers, building owners, government entities, Cities, Counties and schools,  in the process of barrier removal  for the disabled community  in the built environment.  Since the adoption of the various federal laws, the US has made great strides in making the US more accessible, and  as with continued effort  we continue to improve.  As a consulting group,  we see most of the work in the design stage and then follow-up with a post construction inspection, however there are those situations were a good assessment will provide a solid base for achieving accessibility.